United We Stand, Divided We MARK!

Guidelines of the Marks4Life Group:

This group is for friendly discussions & debates dealing with anything and everything in the Pro Wrestling Universe!

-NO Spoilers!
-NO Trolling!
-NO advertising unless you are a regular contributor to this group!

-Try and keep topics in threads, especially shows. We will post Thread topics and Show Threads so that everyone can comment in it. It keeps the feed in the group clean and not cluttered.

-Scroll down a little to see if anyone has already posted the same thing as to not post similar photos or topics.

* Any comments submitted may be removed if they are (illegal websites, inappropriate language, personal threats, repetitive posts,trash talking, ect) by the moderators as they deem necessary.

* If you fail to follow the rules you will be notified once. If it continues you will be BANNED 4 LIFE!

* Any comments or posts may be used on our websites & shows

Most importantly have fun and Mark Out amongst some of the greatest MARKS around!
Don't be afraid to strike up a good friendly conversation as we will do everything we can to provide a fun, entertaining atmosphere for all of its members.

Contact for any questions

[email protected]