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There are too many complaints lately, so this will be pinned to the top, for everybody to read. We try our best to moderate, and there has been too many useless posts lately.

You will be Warned/Removed from the group if you post the following

-Advertisements to other websites
-"ILLEGAL" Weapons and Drugs
-Stupid fake posts for a laugh - they congest the feed
-If you post just to harass someone, or comment for no reason to annoy the seller
-Anything for Revenue jobs or any other scams

"CLEAN SMOKING DEVICES" ie. Bongs/Pipes are not considered illegal, they are allowed to be sold, just try and clean them in respect to the buyer.

BB Guns, Legal Knives and such are Legal to be resold. Please refrain from illegal weapons, ie. handguns, brass knuckles.

If you are offering Drugs or any Illegal Substances as a trade for items, thats just as bad as posting. You will be removed and permenantly banned, no questions asked.

Also, please dont comment on people's prices, or harrass people's posts. If you dont like the price, tough. Dont buy it. Dont comment, find another.

Please try and follow these guidelines and there shouldn't be an issue. We will be looking more into moderation.

We advise all users to do transactions in person, in a safe environment such as a Coffee Shop, Mall, etc.