PS3 Enthusiasts - Philippines

This group (created January 12, 2010) is for all PS3 players and... enthusiasts.

If you love playing the PS3 and would like to network with other gamers, this would be the perfect group to join!

Most members of this group are from the Philippines!

We are an ANTI-PIRACY group! Support our developers! Be Legit!


Any related to JailBreaking Topic = [ Banned ]
Any related to COBRA-ODE Topic = [ Banned ]


Any Off Topic = Delete

update: this group covers all of sony's console related topics from start till 7th gen (PS# & PSP)



• ask anything related to PS3 (trophy plats, rant game issue etc.)
• post anything related to PS3 (collections, figures etc.)
• share anything related to PS3 (info's, reviews etc.)
• sell anything related to PS3 (game, console, strat. guides etc.)
• talk anything related to PS3 (psn games, games etc)