Psalm One Fellowship

Young man, God made you.

He made you out of the same stuff He made all other things, but you are unlike anything else God made. He made you man. He made you male. The unavoidable consequence of your being made is you were created for a purpose. Because this is a fact, there are only two possible outcomes: you will either; 1) live your life before God, and face the great challenge of your existence or, 2) you will avoid your God-made purpose and run, tail-tucked from it. There is no in between. There is no place for you to hide from the incontrovertible fact that you owe your existence to a Divine Creator who expects you to fulfill the purpose for which you were created. The Bible gives the specific example that God is the Potter, and you, young man, are the clay. And God molds, from the same lump, the ones who will fulfill their purpose to the glory of God, and their own good, or who will nevertheless fulfill the glory of God, very much to their own detriment and damnation.

What will God make of you?