Paranormal Study and Investigation - Ireland (PSI)

PSI are the cast members of the highly successful BBC1 series "N...orthern Irelands Greatest Haunts". We are responsible for all experiments carried out for the show and all audio/visual recording on location at each investigation. PSI first developed the PSI-ITC audio experiments back in 2008, which were finally used on the show in 2010, along with the aura camera experiments shown. PSI are currently working with producers on a new format idea for TV. The production is in development stages and aimed at the international market.

Originally formed in 2005 as the Northern Ireland Paranormal Society (NIPS), PSI is a dedicated team of investigators and researchers with a skeptical, yet balanced approach with the aim of researching, understanding and providing an insight into the study of the paranormal.

Our members include cast members from the BBC1 series "Northern Irelands Greatest Haunts" and RTE's "Spooked." Darren has appeared in other BBC programmes, and has also recorded a radio series for the BBC.

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