Professional Psychic/Medium/Healing and Tarot card readings

ALL MEMBERS MUST 'READ AND AGREE' TO THE GROUP DESCRIPTION, I am a qualified with credits for my work as a medium and healer within my private group for paid readings. This group is to help get answers, provide support and give a number of professional readingsc , detailed below. Healing and crystal healing is also available.
I hope everyone gets the answers they are looking for and you can read the feedback file for me in the 'files' folder, these have not been edited nor have they been picked, each piece of feedback has been added for you to have an accurate view of me as a reader/healer. I believe you should be able to see what each person thought of the service I provided because I am a very big believer in honesty. I am here to help, advise and give guidance as well as doing readings/healing sessions.
Sarah Lindup (Psychic/Medium/Healer, BSc Mental health nurse) - I do picture readings for living and passed over, I receive your emotions know what is and has been going on in your life and connect with the spirit world, I will be given messages which I pass over to you from the spirit world, this reading is £30.
For a full tarot reading;
(The Celtic Cross, full reading of current situations and influences passing out of your life and influences coming into your life, issues surrounding this and the end result, this can be focused on a particular problem or can be a general reading)
(The consequences spread - focus on a particular problem and all of the influences which are holding over you, ones which you may not be aware of but need to know about and how to deal with this problem), typed up and sent to you in a word document (pdf) for you to keep is £35.. If you would like to have both types of readings, spiritual and tarot, for a very in depth reading it is £65.
For an annual tarot card spread this is £55.
I can also read 'Angel messages' cards. They are very beautiful and they do not take as long as tarot cards however, they give you important messages from our angels and and are very accurate. I thought it would be great to introduce something else to the group. The different readings are;
I can also do healing, focusing on a particular problem/ailment/pain or do crystal healing including spiritual healing, please contact me to find out about the details as this varies from person to person depending on what you are in need of (headaches to other ailments) I use a lot of energy, as does our other reader, this can be very draining especially if you have highly charged emotions so this fee is a thank you for all our energy/efforts to provide professional readings/healing from all of our readers/administrators of this group.