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Meaning of Success:
Success means achievement of an aim or purpose. It may also mean the attainment of fame, wealth or social status, happiness, life satisfaction, etc. Whatever an individual's meaning of success; "For Our Study" in the ‘Psychology of Success’, we can say that success is power, which by development and its application can realize our desire for something; provided that our desire is within reasonable limits to facilitate overall achievement of a realistic goal, without violating the rights of others. An individual’s power basically depends upon—
1. Physical Heredity: It consists of one's physical and genetic composition factors, which cannot be changed. However, a deep study by the scholars reveals that in spite of one's better heredity, initially providing a slight edge, one has to possess the required talent, attitude and persistence in positive actions to achieve success.
2. Social Inheritance: It consists of endowments in the form of parental care, education, specializations, scientific knowledge, environment, and every thing which makes one an efficient member of the society.
The word education has its roots in Latin word ‘educo’ that means to educe; to draw out; to develop from within and to grow through the law of use. Nature and the law of use hate idleness in all its forms. She gives continuous life only to those elements, which are in use.
3. Individual Effort: It is most important among all the factors. It may be called as manpower. This ‘Power’ is organized knowledge expressed through intelligent effort. However, ‘Knowledge’ becomes ‘Power’ only to the extent that it is organized, classified, and put into action. So, ‘Power’ grows out of ‘Knowledge’.