Part Time Jobs in Qatar

Our group is the biggest active Facebook page dedicated to part-time job finding/providing in Qatar. We actively moderate this page and strive to only allow relevant posts and ban offenders, although we hold no responsibility over the authenticity of the posts and any resulting interactions thereafter.

Rules of the page:-

1- The languages of the posts must be in English/Arabic, although the subsequent comments can be in other languages.

2- Please make your comments relevant. Prolonged off-topic discussion and/or excessive bumping is frowned upon.

3- This is not a dating site. Dubious posts asking for ladies and facebook adding with no clear details about a job will be investigated and offenders banned.

4- This is not a Classifieds/Advertising website. Any member that attempts to post an advertisement will be promptly banned. This includes but is not limited to: Ponzi schemes, off-shore investment companies, sale of electronics, Extra-income schemes...etc.

5- Please make your posts asking/offering a part-time job concise and informative. Include a phone number and preferably an e-mail, and have your C.V ready. Be clear about what sort of job you seek/offer and timings that suit you. Severely deficient posts will likely not be approved to be posted.

6- We review all requests usually the same day, there is no need for repeated requests.

7- We expect the language of the posts and comments to always be courteous and polite. Offending language will be deleted and repeated offenders banned.