Personal Trainers Unite

We're an industry-only group. If you're looking for a personal trainer, please visit our sister site here >> <<<

Also, check your OTHER inbox when you join. You won't be allowed in until you answer it


1. No MLM / network marketing. No messaging other trainers trying to recruit them into your downlines. Instant ban. No coming back from it.
2. NO Trash Talking (show respect at all times)
3. NO Motivational Quotes or Pics or Videos (“sweat is fat crying” type pics and quotes)
4. NO Antagonists or "Haters" Allowed (we’re pure industry in the group, no general public)
5. NO Post Attention Getters (images, all caps, etc)
6. NO “Liiiiike Myyyyy Paaaaaage” Posts (You don’t want to mix YOUR clients with 5000+ OTHER fit pro’s, right?!)
7. NO Promotions of any kind - UNLESS you’ve run past Admins (blog links, site links, etc. The exception here, is if you have a legitimate training course - they're always welcome, and feel free to post away).
8. NO “Review My Site” requests (be specific w/questions. All 5000+ of us have webpages, dig? It would get real boring, real quick if we all wanted to have "look at my new site!" posts..)
9. NO Cock-Size Contests! (leave your ego at the door. We were all newbies once. Science and knowledge change all the time. Don’t be a dick if someone has a different opinion to you. Respect costs nothing, ok?!
10. When we see your post hasn't had at least one decent answer, we'll often comment with "bump1", "bump 2" or "bump3". When we do this, it "bumps" your post to the top of the page, so people can see it in their streams again. Cool and useful.

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Don’t know something? Feel embarrassed to ask? Well, start by using Facebook’s SEARCH function - it’s the small magnifying glass at the top right of the page under our banner.

We’re all industry here: There’s no general public. So, just like you wouldn’t go up to someone at an industry gig and shout in their face that they’re wrong; Don’t do the digital equivalent here. Debate, talk, but DO NOT disrespect others. We’ll kick you for 30 days immediately if you do. Courtesy costs you nothing.

Our group's mission: We're an action group for personal trainers to influence a change in working practice to benefit gym, client and performance related results.

Above all: Have fun in the group, share your knowledge, request help: You'll get back far more than you put in.

Nate The Admin September 18th 2014