Pulsarians Singapore

Pulsarians Singapore is a group of riders from Singapore riding Bajaj Pulsar bikes. We're an open group of friends, always happy to meet riders from all horizons.

Our mission is to promote and support the Pulsar rider community in Singapore, share information and knowledge about our bikes and organize regular meet-ups and motorcycle trips, while always promoting safe riding practices. More importantly, to have fun and enjoy ourselves !

However, BE NICE AND RESPECT EACH OTHER IN THE GROUP. NO racial comments or nasty remarks on the postings. NO smart-ass comments about other member's post. We come together as a group to share and know each other in the community and not to flame/shoot one another.

Removal/Banning of members will be based on the following:

1. Hidden Agenda - Political, Racial, Etc
2. Hostility/Vulgarities/Flaming
3. Trouble Maker - Spam, Etc
4. Posting without consideration of Language and/or Pricing (for sellers)

Admins have ALL RIGHT to decide which category to justify the removal/ ban without further explanation.

Join us, chat with us, ask your questions and post on our page if you want to talk about Bajaj bikes or bikes in general. See you soon :)