Pure Handmade

Purehandmade.com is the result of an inspired artist, dreaming with a virtual place where people could gather to exchange ideas, help and learn from each other and grow all together; that artist is me…..My name is Maria Jose, born and raised in a south American country several years ago (not that many!! Lol), an architect of profession but a designer of heart. Moving to the US years ago, I decided I wanted to do something different not only for myself but for anybody out there who has struggled with their ideas, dreams and goals. I started to work out on my ideas discovering how difficult it was to find people willing to help others so I took the initiative and started to do it on my own. I’ve done it “informally” for some time ‘till now that I decided to create this community with my own resources to help and share what I know and what I’ve learn over the years with all those people in need of advice, understanding, guidance and support on their entrepreneur efforts.

I am not a successful business owner (no yet, I am working on it) but just a regular person looking to help people the way I would have loved to be helped when I started on this enterprise. This is simply a place to grow with each other as a community, promoting all those artist with entrepreneurial dreams and business owner aspirations and the most important: to work and progress as a team.
Please drop me a line with your story; I would love to get to know each and every one of you!! And once again, welcome to Purehandmade.com