Qigong Mastery Center

The mission of Qigong Mastery Center by Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac. is to facilitate Shaktipat Meditation, Toltec wisdom and Qigong to realize Self and Qi-healing. Realization is the merging of the mind in the Self (Divine Consciousness). In the Self-realized state, the mind becomes stable and free of thoughts; it become still. We experience supreme bliss when we go beyond thoughts. As the mind becomes one with the Self, it acquires the power of the Self that can be used for healing, creativity, rejuvenation, stress management, and for opening the heart to unconditional love, quieting the restless mind to attain personal transformation and freedom.

By practicing the meditation and Qigong practices of Qigong Mastery Center, and honoring the teachings of the great beings of all traditions, the Self within is realized.