QuAiDiAn OnCe QuAiDiAn FoReVeR

FuN, CreAtivItY AnD ChIt ChAt 4 all past and present QuAiDiAnS!!! NO GROUP OR PAGE PROMOTION IS ALLOWED ,,,
Shughal ON hy :))))))))))))

Think before you speak/post! your words can hurt some one......

Admins Hold the right to delete any post (which is considered to be bad/filthy in any sense) without explaining any kind of reason for it ......

Every one is free to express his/her views and feelings. If one has some issue with those feelings than report admins but avoid personal attacks in group.

Avoid advertisement of your personal "Pages" here......... or posts with some other page tags

All of you people are respectable to us and we assure you that you will find a great friendly atmosphere here but you have to follow the rule "Do respect and get respect"