*We are happy to welcome you in the Qualitative Life Group in which we hope you can discover various elements likely to give you access to a happy view on the possible quality that can be found in life.
*This group is meant to remind you that there exist beautiful and good things in this world, in order to recharge, in everyone, the capital of hope in beauty, goodness and truth, which permanently exist in the Creation.
*Of course, this group is not meant to make a collection of all the horrors of the world, as do most of the current mainstream media that just lead people to despair.
*As a consequence, any post that would tend to bring down the global atmosphere into the squalid levels organised to give off a stressful feeling will be suppressed from this page; if it is worth it, it will be transferred to some other page that we manage on those topics.
*Besides, if we accept adds for personal activities, we would appreciate a certain restraint in those posts, so that they do not overflow on the activities that are offered.
*The quality of life is indispensable to reach outer and inner happiness; it is attained thanks to right and harmonious balance between material or worldly impulses and subtle or spiritual aspirations.
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