Quarter Note Institute of Music

Quarter Note Institute of Music was incorporated on 16th April 2011 with an objective of improving and imparting music education in India. We aim at providing finest education to anyone with a desire to learn western classical and contemporary music by providing sound infrastructure and amenities.

At Quarter Note, students rehearse and perform a diverse and challenging array of repertoire and discover new genres of music through our broad range of workshops and activities. In addition to the enriching music curriculum, students also discover historical evolution of music.

We strongly believe that besides music theory, imparting additional knowledge of backing tracks, recording softwares & processors, sound modulation, tone control, beats etc. makes the entire process of learning an instrument more effective and interesting. At Quarter Note, unlike old methods, top priority is given to practical learning and generating interest in the instrument by creating various motivating competitions & performances.

A new concept of Individual training in a group class environment is unique to Quarter Note. At Quarter Note, each lesson is preplanned with printed material to give maximum time for learning & playing in the class. We also keep a track of the student's progress & give regular feedbacks. By including songs in the curriculum, we aim at striking the right balance between basics/theory & performance oriented learning.

Quarter Note offers its students a unique musical experience with in-depth guidance from musicians along with performances in various events and festivals and the opportunity to meet like-minded friends within our environment of creative excellence. At Quarter Note, all teachers are qualified musicians. The entire concept is based on motivation, practical relevance and brain-friendly teaching. We help our students increase their confidence and express themselves through music and use it to realize their own potential.

We invite you to be a part of Quarter Note to help unleash your musical talent.

Quarter Note team