"SMILE, ENJOY and be HAPPY!", that's the motto of QUEEN CITY of the SOUTH CEBU-HONGKONG.
QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH CEBU-HONGKONG is a simple group, composed of simple people and with a simple aim. Just enjoy the time and day you are free. Only one day in a week that we can relax so do the best of it, do what you want in a good way....let go of the stress and pressures through SWEATING. Lets do some exercise!!!!!!!!!!!
SINULOG is the first reason why the group become a group. It is its first priority. If you're in the group expect you'll go with the beat of the dance, whether you like it or not. So let us enjoy, enjoy and most of all DEVOTE to our patron saint SENYOR STO. NINO, VIVA SENYOR! PIT SENYOR!