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Assalam-o-alaykum :-)

Dear all, following are the rules for the group. Please follow them.

1a -This groups believes in the idealogy of Pakistan and Islam . Nothing against Pakistan or Islam will be tolerated.Will lead to a straight ban .

1b - Abusing will be a ban even if you are not the one who started it.

2a -Islamic posts and Pakistan related posts will immediately be approved and those posting good posts through out will be granted special automatic approval permissions .

2b - Please don't promote your page/group in between other post's comments. Your post will be removed. You can make a new post if you want to.

3 - Dissing this group to promote your group is not nice. It will be a straight ban.

4 - yOur personal pics not allowed Post will be removed.

5 - Political discussions are allowed but abuse and nonsense will not be tolerated.

6 - Don't post vulgar/indecent Things. It will be a ban.

7 - Respect everyone. Anyone attacking on another race will not be tolerated and will be a straight ban.

8 - Names like prince/princess/angel/king etc are not allowed. Profiles will be removed but not banned.

Thanks and Enjoy!!