Quiet Givers

Want to contact us? Click the profile "Quiet Givers" and you can friend me or just send me a message that way. (click on the name Quiet Givers where you see posts for needs or updates.)

Quiet Givers is a group created to serve the people of Watauga County and surrounding areas. It is meant to be a source for people to share and find out about needs in the community and do something about them.

Information about qualified leads come from community workers from the school systems, local non-profits, churches etc. They are filtered and researched before sending them to you. This group is NOT meant to take the place of any organizations that already exist to help people in our community. It is set up to fill in the gap, if you will, and help support local community workers and non-profits through networking.

This group is based off of the thought of anonymity. Giving is a beautiful thing when it is truly about serving the person in need rather than trying to gain points on your "do good chart" or with people who are watching. When you give anonymously it allows you to give without distorting the motive, which is truly powerful.

Quiet Givers: connecting community. changing reality.
So here's how it works:
for the most part the only posts on the page will be from Quiet Givers. If you work in the community, in schools, with elderly, social services etc. we want to hear from you. Write a private message to QG (do not post anything on the wall) about a need that you know of and Quiet Givers will post for you. Names will not be mentioned, specific schools, or who told us about it, but the need will be.

Post ex: Two homeless children need clothes. Please send me a private message if you would like to help.

Reply to the post by sending QG a message and we will send you details.

If you aren't on facebook and would like to participate no worries, we have email: [email protected] Email us the need and we will send out an email and post on FB.