Quitman Sportsman Trading Post

This group is for people of East Texas, Wood County and surrounding areas to sell, buy and trade sporting / outdoors goods. (guns, knives, fishing / hunting / camping gear and the like.) This group and its administrators will not be held liable for any violation of rules or laws. All firearm transactions are to be conducted under Local, State, Federal, ATF and NFA laws and are the responsibility of the seller to make sure that transactions are made accordingly.
This is not auto trader! If it is street legal it does not belong here. An exception would be some sort of hunting buggy. All other posts will be removed. Also parts for vehicles like bumpers, wheels and rims for street use will be deleted.
This group will not tolerate abusive language or behavior. Anyone that posts any link for spam, malware or phishing will be banned. If any member blocks the administrators, you will also be Banned.
Facebook will block all children (under 18) from viewing reported posts from individual gun sellers or gun pages where guns are sold or traded.

Facebook will allow users to report posts that may facilitate or promote potentially illegal gun activity.

Facebook will delete reported posts that indicate that the seller will not conduct a background check or that a buyer is seeking to avoid a background check.

Facebook will delete reported posts that indicate that a seller is willing to sell across state lines.

Facebook will continue to report to law enforcement any gun-related posts that may pose a threat to public safety.

Facebook will require private sellers who are reported for offering a gun for sale to acknowledge the relevant laws that apply to them – including that background checks may be required before completing a sale. These sellers will be blocked by Facebook from continuing to the site until they acknowledge this policy.

Facebook will take down reported pages and groups where guns are sold until the owner of the page acknowledges this policy and includes this information prominently at the top of the page.

Facebook’s Help Center will remind sellers that they may conduct background checks for safety purposes even where not legally required

*this was put out by FB to be put in all gun groups pinned post..***