Radiant Picture Co. was established in August, 2009 by a group of friends passionate about filmmaking. We started from scratch, without a proper camera or other related equipment necessary for filming.
With no proper knowledge about filmmaking our team of friends and collaborators gradually learnt basic techniques just by trying our hand at videos and short films. In August 2010, exactly a year after its formation, the Company produced its first official short film Boond which was directed by its founder, Yusuf Abidin, with M. Owais Safdar in the leading role.
After successfully completing its first production, our Company, with limited resources and finance, managed to produce its second short film Sab Maal China, directed by M. Owais Safdar. An experimental film with a single character played by Yusuf Abidin, it told story of a lock-salesman struggling to sell his product in the Indian market dominated by Chinese imports. The third short film Lovebook, based on the lives of people reaching out to each other through the popular social networking site Facebook was directed by Muhammad Aasim Qamar, with M. Owais Safdar, Arifa Zehra and S. Qubad Hasan in the leading roles.
Radiant Picture Co. is now working on various projects, specialising in ‘guerrilla’ and ‘zero-budget’ filmmaking. Every film made till now under its banner has been a ‘zero-budget’ film. We provide assistance as well as full pre-production, production and post-production facilities for short films, ad films, music videos, corporate videos and documentaries. We also provide actors, technicians, scripts and screenplay writers for short films.