Ragdoll Cats

A little corner dedicated to the appreciation of these dainty and loving creatures who are extremely great companions to love and cherish.

Wherever you're from, you are warmly welcomed to join this group and to fill up this page with all the pictures and interesting stories of your Ragdoll cats! Even as we are growing daily, we'd like to state that this group is not about having more or less members that other similar ragdoll pages, but it's really about what we truly love - our ragdolls!

The core members of this group are not cat snobs and we endeavour to advocate the equality of all cats amongst our friends on this page, be it whether or not your ragdoll has papers or not - this is of minuscule importance and the love for our feline babies is way more important!

We do not promote the sale of any cats (ragdolls or others, with or without papers), unethical ragdoll breeding methods via this page and our admins will not hesitate to delete any such related posts.

We prefer for this page to remain as a genuine community of Ragdoll owners and lovers who want to share with us your passion of the cats.

Any public promotion of sale related websites, fund raising sites or breeders contacts disclosed will also be flagged and deleted if posted on this page.

Thanks for everyone's understanding!