Yet Another Australian Railway Photography Group

"Yet Another Australian Railway Photo Group", albeit this one with strict controls. This group is for the sharing of railway photography, like many others. However, to avoid newsfeed spam, this group is NOT open to all posters. Members are welcome to submit a selection of the photos they believe to be their best. These posts will be approved or rejected by an admin. One the post has been approved, the photo(s) are free for all to view and comment on.

People are welcome to become members to view photos in this group, however anyone found to be making insincere comments, spamming photos, attention whoring or just generally being a nuisance will be kicked out, with the admin decision being final. This isn't a democracy, it's not a discussion forum, it's a place to see the very best photography members can produce.

It's encouraged that members either submit a low-res photograph, with an external link to a photo hosting website, or simply submit a link to said website with an automatic thumbnail generated. Link to one photo or a whole set. Please be courteous and attempt to limit the number of individual posts per day.

Do not post all of your photos, or all of your sightings, just your favourites, and those you consider your best work. Submissions of trains from all over the world are encouraged, if you feel they're interesting photographically. Note: They're not interesting just because they're different.