Raised Vegetable Beds

The Raised Vegetable Beds Group - Advice on constructing Raised beds and growing vegetables.
We welcome your knowledgeable input on the subject.
Please only post about organic gardening. There are other groups who will facilitate chemical applications.
Most garden problems arise when a complete eco system isn't in place. If this is in place then chemicals aren't needed!
PLEASE READ: Group Rules:

1. Let’s keep the group focused with constructive contributions. Concise, well written posts get more reads and likes. Please add a photo when you can as this can help with diagnosis or showing us your plot!
2. Check in the search bar if the topic has been raised before posting.
3. No self-promotion, spam or advertising of any kind. Any posts will be deleted.
4. Please try to limit your general posts each day. Less posts of a high quality are better than multiple posts of waffle! Generic ‘like and share’ posts don’t have any value and "misinformation posts" don’t help the quality feel of the group so please avoid posting those too. Do some research before sharing posts that claim things to be TRUE.
5. Posting your zone/location might help get a question answered.
6. No politics, sex or religion. This is a group about raised beds.
7. We aim to be organic - But- If you are looking for discussions on Chemicals, Cooking, Climate Change, GMO, or Medical topics please find alternative groups that deal with these types of subjects, there are a lot!
8. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t comment. Intentionally being argumentative isn’t healthy for you or the reader.
9. Be encouraging. We all know a bit about something and the group will help us to combine our knowledge
10. It is the posters responsibility if a post infringes copyright.
11.Have fun, learn and please stay on topic and only ADD a friend if they are interested in raised beds!