RangpurSource(Global IT, Web Design, Devlopment & Outsourcing Firm)

RangpurSource is to be the largest and most respected ICT Company in Rangpur, afterwards Bangladesh by providing top quality services. We aim to empower Rangpur’s ICT market through technology and by so doing assist in the development of Rangpur’s infrastructure.

Our Motto is "Try to change life yourself".

We determinate to achieve an unsurpassed reputation in the ICT industry by providing our clients with unrivalled service delivery that guaranties improved profitability, organization and performance allowing them to be competitive in an International market.

We will achieve this by Empowering, up skilling and developing of our staff, Taking advantage of the ideas and human resources available in our Company, Investment in our relationships with other respected organizations in the ICT Field, By creating a transparent, goal oriented, mission directed and ethical company that can be trusted and relied on by both clients and staff.

We are guided by our common interest in the development of Rangpur’s infrastructure, education and moral integrity. In order to do this we will uphold the values of honesty, transparency, fairness, care, trust and respect. We aim to be a role model to whom other Rangpur’s companies can look to for guidance and examples of excellence.

Mobile: 01921418518, 01723766475
eMail: [email protected]
URL: http://www.rangpursource.com/
Tech Blog: http://www.blog.rangpursource.com/

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