English Lovers "let's practice English together"

Rules :
1- We are here to learn and speak in English and each one can
speak as he like (with respect of course) and who doesn't likes us they can get out easily
2. Be respectful to others and feel free to talk about everything politely
3 - plz no nudity or religions topics
4- Avoid placing personal photos, pornographic images
5-Avoid asking ID of Skype, and/or requesting to be friends of others
6-Bothering Anyone Any Way Is Prohibited.
7-No sexual posts or pictures whether it pointed to men or women, Immediately report it if you see one .
8-Plz don't Disrespect your Fellow Members ( In Their Posts ) while Commenting
9-any rasict post will be deleted and banned
10-I will Remove or ban members who repeatedly or excessively violate the rules.

enjoy your time here :)

admin : Ms Rania