Gem rough group, the buyers market (facet, cabochon, carving and bead)

This group is for miners/sellers to showcase their various cutting rough and buyers/cutters to find the deal of a lifetime. We encourage mine sources to take part in displaying thier latest finds and rare roughs here, as well as the little guy trying to get his foot in the vault door of the gem trade.

Here are some simple rules to follow to be a productive part of this group.

Please keep your posts limited to 5 per 24 hours.

Disclose all information possible about your stones, such as locality where it was mined, known treatments, size(s), shape(s) and price.

All posts must follow Federal Trade Commission guidelines when describing your materials for sale. They can be found here

Keep posts civil and business oriented. No personal collection or items not for sale. This is a group for sellers and buyers to connect, lets keep it that way.

Any unacceptable posts will be removed without notice.

Please have fun and the group wishes you great success!! =p