RC Addicts

Welcome to the group for RC Addict's by RC Addicts. This is your group. Please keep the posts and comments civil. We are all in this hobby for fun. This group is NOT a for sale group. Any posts that are selling, trading, or looking to buy will be removed. If you are asking a question about a product that is fine, but use another group for sales and such. Show us you pix, ask your questions, and enjoy the company of other RC Addcits!

The page admins are: Rcaddict Ryan, Ryan Cornmesser, Richelle Cornmesser, Jeremy Moser, James Trent, Bob Walkup, Adam Bavuso, and David Mathay

If you see your post get deleted it's probably because it was a sale post or had swearing. We are family friendly here, so keep the language in check please.