Real Estate Wholesale Community

Real Estate Wholesalers was created to be an engaging group for Real Estate Wholesalers and Investors to connect and communicate . Post your deals, ask your questions, post your products and services ONLY related to Wholesaling and investing. Have fun and get it done!

1.) NO SPAMMING!! If it's not related to Real Estate Wholesaling, then it IS NO ALLOWED.
2.)INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO THE GROUP. Introduce yourself once you're in the group. Let others know you're here and immediately start connecting with others. That's what this group is for.
3.) PLEASE ENGAGE AND CONNECT. This group was not started just to drop links and move on. It was started to provide Wholesalers and Investors a place to commune,converse, connect and learn.
4.) BE RESPECTFUL TO FELLOW MEMBERS. No disrespect of any kind is allowed in this group. We are all here to connect, network and learn from one another.
5.) FOLLOW THE RULES OR BE BANNED. If you ANYONE violates these rule, you'll immediately be removed from the group for good.