Welcome to the Facebook group! This group is for promoting and networking with other focused Artist and gaining potential supporters. In this group is an array of talent that gets added to the group frequently. Graphic artist, web designers, poets, musicians, photographers,writers, rappers and growing. is STILL under construction and we are dilligently working to get you even more involved. Our website dedicated to the Indie Artist from various aspects of art and more. Our first page to launch is going to be the music page with a focus on promoting you. Email us your YouTube link and your video/videos may be FEATURED. Thank you for promoting and sharing in this group. As the site grows we will keep you posted on our progress. There will be a day when most of our promoting will come directly from reality2reel to other social networking sites. Did you know that you can link your videos, music, beats and more to our site for free? If yes. WTH, is stopping you from doing it? You can also create groups and add pics. Please share this message. P.S the "H" stands for heck! We keeps it PG grin emoticon!