Real Weight Loss- "We Drop WEIGHTS"

Real WEeight loss is a Vission of which i wish to spread across the world you are the first and so very special to me. I understand all are very busy but i want to share with you the vision..One to not only go to the gym and drop all the physical weight..becoming defined and refined but also to realize the weights in life that we all carry at some time..It is a connecting of the two and becoming free from everything and every one holding you back! THose are weights..Depression, Anger, Fear, insecurity, abuse, rape, pain, bad habbits, procrastination, debt..issues.. Please Drop those weights INSIDE OF YOU ..but through every situation realize God is there to help you drop that weight..Please do SHARE AND POST INSPIRATION to GROW the group.. TO encourage one another in the FAITH and to DROP THAT WEIGHT..
I Want GROUP interaction ALL
p.s. :) Please share your inspirational stories stuggles triumphs, quotes, workouts, eating... ANYTHING even questions