RebornLegend Facebook Group

This is the RebornLegend facebook group. You can post your daily screenshots in the server here or report any problems. For more severe cases , please go to to report them.

⋆You can also invite your friends to this group.
⋆IP : (Down at the moment due to update process)

⋆Website: Down at the moment

= Rules =
- Do not post any pictures that are unrelated to Minecraft.
- Any pictures/posts that contain inappropriate words will be deleted.
- Do not ask for ranks in posts or comments.
- No advertising on this group. (This group is solely made for RebornLegend and not a free-for-all advertising group.)
- Respect each others in the group. (Nobody likes a rude member.)

⋆Any member who breaks one of the above rules will be removed and blocked immediately without any hesitations.

(Feel free to suggest more rules)

Updated: 15/10/2014