Xiaomi Redmi 1s Extreme Development

This Group is Dedicated for Xiaomi Redmi 1s Users and they can Share whatever they want to say about RedMi and can Post any ROMs and Customise and can take part in our RedMeXtreme Development....
Heartly Welcomes..!

Group Rules:

1. English is the only language allowed here.
2. No spamming.
3. No advertising (Websites, Blogs, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, etc.)
4. No off-topic discussion (posts, comments, links, screenshots, videos, etc. of anything that is not part of this group discussion are considered off-topic.)
5. No offensive/abusive words against any members.
6. No arguments with other members.
7. No discrimination of members because of their ethnic origin, culture, religion, gender, etc.
8. Disrespecting an Admin of the group will result in immediate ban.

Special note for bloggers:

This is not a place for promoting your blog posts to get more views. You should never post your blog post links here
The Admins of this group have the right to remove any posts/comments and to ban any members at any time without prior notice.