KLAWS: Lost, Found and Rehoming of Companion Animals


Affiliated with KLAWS ~ Kawartha Lakes Animal Wellness Society


This group consists of like minded individuals and animal lovers. We are dedicated to finding loving, caring and forever homes to animals in need, whether it be an animal needing to be re-homed or one that was on the street and is in search of their new human.

We are also here to help reunite pets that are lost or found with their humans.

We also hope to provide help, services or references for individuals that are experiencing issues with their pet.

We all believe that our companion animals are a lifetime commitment, but at times circumstances do come up that are out of our control. This group wishes to assist in those situations and provide a non-judgmental and safe environment where members are free to communicate openly about their pet issue or situation.

Our goal is to ensure that every animal has a safe, loving, forever home.

Please feel free to post links to rescue groups or shelters. You can also post events or advertisements that are directly linked to fundraisers that go directly to benefiting animals or rescue groups. You may also post pet items for sale or resale. Posts that do not fit these criteria will be deleted without warning.

When creating a post, please include the following:
1) Photo with location
2) Breed/age/sex
3) History of pet, including any behavior, health or temperament issues
4) Do they get along with other pets and/or children
5) If looking for a home why you are re-homing

NOTE: Administrators and group members are not responsible for any transactions when adopting or re-homing an animal, or purchasing an item from other members. Please ensure that you do your own research. Make sure you are ready to commit to pet ownership. It is a lifetime responsibility and commitment.

We will be building our “files” to assist you in using our group. If you have any suggestions please feel free to PM any one of the 4 admin.

Please enjoy this group and feel free to share any news that involves animals. You can also share your own fur babies if you wish but please start your post by stating that they are not for re-homing.

We have been working really hard to grow this group and help the animals in our community.

We want to thank each one of of our members for your support.