Network Marketing in Kenya

Building A Successful Network Marketing Business In Kenya and Africa

Now when it comes to building a successful Network Marketing business in Kenya (and most African countries), the following needs to be kept into consideration:

Although Network Marketing has been here since the 90′s it is still new and misunderstood by most people. We still do have many people who can’t differentiate between a “Pyramid Scheme” and a “Network Marketing” business.
Network Marketing is not for everybody: Although most Network Marketing companies tell you to share their business opportunity to anybody and everybody, it’s only a handful of people who would really benefit from a Network Marketing business.
Majority of Kenya (and the world in general) view Network Marketing as a short term money making opportunity and not as a long term business project. This makes Network Marketing companies with low investment and quick high returns more attractive than those with a high investment with low quick returns.
Not every Network Marketing company which has become successful in developed countries would be successful in Kenya (or any other developing countries). Companies which has proven to survive longer in Kenya (and most developing countries) are companies which
Sell products of daily use (their product demand are in high quantity).
Low start up cost
Good residual income
That being said, this is what you need to do to build a successful Network Marketing business in Kenya.
Join the right company: You need to get involved in a company with
Reasonable start-up capital
With products in very high demand
Good leadership
Super easy to expand globally and
Pays a lot of money
Use the right system: Have a system that does all the talking and selling for you.
Attract the right people towards your business: There are 3 categories of people who might buy your product or service.
High End: elite few who are wealthy and have no money issues. They focus on high quality products/services.
Middle: Usually the middle class who earn good salary. Most of them are educated and work in reputable companies. Most have BIG dreams but don’t know what they can do to achieve their dreams.
Low End: These are the majority who earn very low salary and are struggling in life. They are in survival mode and are more worried about the next meal than they are about traveling the world.
If you’re not involved in Network Marketing or not making money in your current Network Marketing company, then I highly suggest you contact us for more information about the industry.

Yours in Success,
CAESAR KIHORO.( Commandoo)
Network marketing coach and Supplement consultant