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REJUVENATION is a process to restore vitality to one's body, mind, heart & soul. This group is about offering restorative solutions to uplift you for optimum health & well-being. Holistic health grows as you consciously shift toward vital wellness.

Synergize on radiant aliveness, discuss practices, learn about modalities, meet friends or practitioners, explore your potential for feeling vibrant. Topics include: yoga, aromatherapy, raw foods, holistic lifestyles, well-being, retreats, classes, etc. with this network of practitioners and health-conscious men & women.

Here you will find other people who are interested in health, wellness, and holistic well-being. You will also find events, services, & tools to assist you & your team find the right solution for your wellness needs. No matter what you may believe today, we are here to remind you that you can enjoy optimal wellness & well-being with a little attention on your multi-faceted self!

Some of you have expressed your favorite programs as: Essential Well-Being Solutions, Wellness & Well-Being Coaching or Consulting, Worksite Wellness programs, Personal Rejuvenation, Healing & Rejuvenating Intensives, Wellness Tools, Interpersonal Skills, Holistic Lifestyles Coaching or Consulting, Creating Sanctuary with Feng Shui Design Consulting, Energetics, Aromatherapy, Transformational Treatments, Healing the Healers, Spa Consulting, Team Building, Executive Spa Retreats, Wellness Centers & Retreat Sanctuaries, Wellness Multiplexes, Global Wellness Resources

AXIS ORIGIN GROUP has offices in San Francisco (Marin), San Diego (Cardiff), & Washington DC (Baltimore). We’ve also been invited to present in Hawaii (Maui), Thailand (Phuket, Koh Samui), The Bahamas (Eleuthera), Canada (Nova Scotia), Europe (London, Paris, Rome), & Turkey. Please contact us to host programs in your area or co-create with us!

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NOTE: We are health educators who just like to see people have more options in their healing & rejuvenating journeys. Always consult your body first, your doctor second, your naturopath third, and then enthusiasts like us, when it comes to viewing the big picture of your healing or wellness program. This sequence of fact-finding will steer you back to well-being sooner in the long run!

REJUVE HQ ~ Visit us online @