1. Mr. T's full names are: Themba King Siwele. Now, take a seat and chill...!
2. All posts should be in English so that all the people from all corners of the world can understand. I cannot approve all posts done in Venec.
-NB. Don't get me wrong, I love my own TSONGA language, but I won't be able to help people if they write with the language I don't understand and if I reply to their problems with the language they don't understand.
3. Comments should be in English as well. I know you love your MOTHER TONGUE like I love mine too BUT If you keep commenting in Venec you will be removed from this Group.
4. All those who swear/ insult other people will be removed/ blocked from this Group.
5. Don't start other conversations or personal attacks here or under someone's post. You can attack each other on your own walls or inbox.
6. Always remember to ask Mr. T to "Hide your ID" should you wish to remain anonymous. Mr. T is concerned about your safety. I don't want your very private information falling into the wrong hands.
7. If you think you are perfect, then you ain't supposed to be here.
Every relationship and marriage needs some faith-lift and face-lift. This is where we get to discuss burning issues and help each other in the areas that need faith-lift and face-lift in our lives.
8. Kindly note that all hardcore pornographic materials are prohibited here.
9. Some of the contents discussed in this group might be offensive to the very sensitive people, especially the Religious People. Some of the members of the group might use vulgar language when they post due to anger or some other reasons.
10. All kinds of sexual issues will be tackled and some might use "names or strong language" (SNL18) too! Yours... MR. T.

MR. T's Contacts: 076 764 3928