Remembering Fallen Truckers

Founded December 2009
This group is to dedicate our thanks and give our sympathy to the families of our fellow truckers that have lost their lives in the line of duty. As we all know this line of work is dangerous and very hard for each one of us that drives.

As the staple of this country in its survival, without the mode of transportation that a semi truck provides, this nation would fall apart very quickly.
I would like each person that joins this group to not take for granted the fact that we each have been in a situation or have seen the action or aftermath of various crashes that have taken the life of that driver.

Also, needing recognition are the drivers that have given their lives by jumping rivers, pulling folks from burning vehicles, and sparing no expense to see that the life of another person is saved at the cost of their own.

We say thank you to those families that have sacrificed so much for the good of this nation and for those drivers that have taken the time to give aid in the greatest times of need across the country.

God Bless and May He provide safety to all that drive.

Also I have a cause set up like this as well. Feel free to join it also and help us show our support for one another and the families involved as well.

Disclaimer: Please no foul language or disrepecting the driver for what happened with his/her death. We are on here only to show our respects and honor to the driver and their family. Thanks for understanding.
Please when commenting NO ALL CAPS. It has the indication that a person is yelling.