#ResistForGOOD Group

UPDATED 02.18.2017

This is a closed discussion group for our me...mbers.


#RadicalSisterGroup of #SouthOkanoganIndivisible ;)

Our Mission Statement (draft) is posted at http://www.resistforgood.org/index.php/about/

Regardless of location, ability, age, race, religion, gender, orientation or political affiliation, if you are willing to resist & fight against trump, his administration & his agenda, you are welcome to join us.

As a closed group, we can freely share & discuss info, news, op-eds, povs, investigative reports, ideas, plans for actions, resistance efforts, #ActionAlerts (#CTA) & light hearted posts (for snits & giggles). We can also privately set dates, times & places to execute on actions and efforts if there’s a need for the element of surprise to increase impact & effect.

We are a recognized Resistance Party & Indivisible group that is intentionally inclusive & a Resitance Ohana (Family). Our family includes “local members” who live in the 98840 & 98841 zip code areas of rural Okanogan County (where we are based), IN ADDITION TO “kindred members” who are Homebound, living in Rural America and/or do not have a local group near them to participate in. Being intentionally inclusive allows our members to UNITE to broaden Live & Virtual resistance efforts & we welcome you to join our Ohana.

REMEMBER: #ThereAreMoreOfUsThanThem #StandIndivisible #UnitedTogether

Please feel free to add family, friends or neighbors who you personally know & are interested in what we are doing or are involved in any of the groups listed at:

Follow us on Twitter at:

Check out our pre-launch website at:

This is a living statement to be updated as or if needed, & based on our group’s needs, focus or consensus.