Return Gifts under Rs. 300/-

Return gifts under Rs. 300/- .. The one part of planning a party that really has me racking my brains is the return gift ideas for kids after the party. You don’t want to buy too cheap but not very expensive either. You want the return gifts to be something the kids will enjoy using and at the same time they should be easy on your pocket. Personally, I dont believe in this system but now that the kids expect, I wouldn't want any child to go sad from my child's birthday party. So here I am .. trying to make my life simpler :)

Some Rules:
1) Products have to be useful for giving as RETURN GIFTS ONLY.
2) Products will be posted as 1 image per product
3) Price of the product HAS to be below Rs. 300/-
4) Price SHOULD be mentioned along with the product picture while posting.
5) No page advertisement.
6) No posting products in the thread.
7) Any inappropriate posting / content is strictly prohibited.
8) The admin of this group does not endorse any of the products displayed. Buying / Selling will be AT YOUR OWN RISK.
9) Any Entrepreneur who is reported as spam or Fraudulent will be banned permanently.
10) Sharing contact numbers is at your OWN risk.
11) Members commenting/promoting on other’s post is strictly not allowed.

If any of the rules are broken, the post will not be approved. If you are seen breaking the rules repeatedly, you will be removed from the group without warning.

Enjoy Selling! Enjoy Buying! :)