Refugee Hospitality Club


This group was founded in the autumn of 2009 as reception centres for asylum seekers were opened in Helsinki. Asylum seekers in these centers, in general, had no money, no contacts, not much to do - and probably not a clear idea where they were or where they will be going to.

We thought this: Lets ensure peaceful coexistence of locals and visitors. Lets show humanity and respect, lets care for other beings.

Now, in the autumn of 2015, there are more refugees in Europe and Finland than ever, and a great humanitarian crises going on mainly in Syria. There are reception centers all over Finland, and the need for hospitality has grown. We are not a Helsinki group anymore, we are an open group for anyone who wants to make things easier for all parties.

Refugee Hospitality Club is an open volunteer network of people, working also in cooperation with the staff of the reception centres. People can join to show that they support the group. Anyone can also start projects, deliver and exchange information. However, this is not a debate group or an opinion forum. No hostility towards or laughing at anyone is allowed but deleted right away. Safety should also be kept in mind: how to ensure that our group is not used as a disguise for hostile activity? Sometimes joining official organizations like Pakolaisapu or Red Cross is the best choice.

We, however, are not an official organization. Moreovet, Asulum seekers are free to participate any activities, receive any help and meet any people they choose. We believe that meeting a welcoming neighborhood is a great experience. Also crowdsourcing in social media is often the fastest and most efficient way of providing help for specific needs.

Any projects, big or small, official or unofficial, are welcome in this group, as long as the ethic is right. Our values:

FUN (participating shouldn't be a burden for anyone!)

Please join this group, share your ideas if you like, and follow the plans of others.

Working language: any and in alll skill levels.

HUOM! Tiedoksi että tämä ryhmä ei ole tarkoitettu muukalaisvihamielisten mielipiteiden ilmaisuun tai maahanmuuttopoliittiseen väittelyyn. Tämä ryhmä on nimensä mukaisesti vieraanvaraisuuteen tarkoitettu. Muunlaiset kommentit saa ja tulee poistaa, samoin niiden esittäjät. Riitelyt ja ilkeilyt poistetaan liittyivät ne mihin tahansa aiheeseen.