International Collaborative Research Group (ICRG)

The International Collaborative Research Group (ICRG) Initiative was begun in 2013. Its mission is to coordinate/orchestrate the collaboration on research projects between the students and faculty members of universities from all over the world.

Students, faculty members, scientists,engineers and professionals of all fields of sciences, engineering,technology,humanities etc from all over the world can join ICRG.

This initiative supports the missions of UNESCO and Higher Education Commissions of many developed and developing countries and student outcome objectives related to scholarly inquiry and productivity. Moreover, the initiative has enabled us to expand and formalize research with international partners.

Overall Goals
• Promotion of student/faculty scholarly inquiry and productivity.
• Identification/creation of student/faculty research projects and connection with international counterparts.
• Dissemination of student/faculty products at national and international conferences.
• Funding/continuation of the ICRG.

Future of ICRG
• Studies will continue to be presented at national and international conferences.
• Funding will be pursued to support ICRG initiatives.
• Advisory board will expand international counterparts.
• International online journal will continue.
• Online research symposiums with international counterparts will continue to be held.