The RMIT CSIT Society


The RMIT CSIT Society is a RMIT University Student Union group that aims to provide a friendly group environment in which students can meet and discuss Software Engineering, Computer Science and associated Information Technology programs, whilst encouraging students to mingle and share ideas on several social accounts organized by the society.

The society will provide CSIT students with many opportunities to socialize with and meet new students with common interests. Throughout the year we will organize regular meets for students in the form of pub-crawls, smaller functions, and on-campus activities, in addition to the occasional big night out!

The group also acts as a private and highly accessible place for students to share their ideas, get help with their studies, and discuss other common interests.

Contact Us: [email protected]

Acting President: Kieran Benton (s3294078)
Treasurer: Josh Threw
Secretary: Chris Harrison

- General Members -
Thomas Martin