This is a group designed specifically for all students of Rajamangala University of Technology International College billed to finish by 2015/2558.

All students of the college are welcome, from Hotel and Tourism(TH), Marketing(MK), International Business Management(IBM), Accounting(AC), and Information Systems(IS), everyone is free to join upon approval by the Admin.

Everyone should try as much as possible to use English Language as the main medium of Communication, that is why we all came to an International College, to learn how to communicate Effectively with English Language. Those who feel they know English very well should try and help those who do not, by doing so we all help each other. Together Every Achieve More (TEAM).

Enjoy your time on this group and God Bless. Invite your friends too to join the group.

Once again i say have a nice time.

Josh. For International College studying Information Systems (IS)