Roots In Kashmir

"Roots In Kashmir" is an initiative launched by us, the Kashmiri Pandit Youth, to reclaim our Roots that identify us. Even though we have been hounded out of our homes and hearths in the Kashmir valley, our "Roots" are very much anchored in the Vitasta Valley. This is an initiative to protest and raise the general awareness of public to a level where our "fight for our roots" is felt, heard and acted upon.

Roots In Kashmir is a worldwide Kashmiri Pandit youth Initiative dedicated to bring to fore the pitiful plight of more than four lac Kashmiri Pandits who were hounded by Islamic fundamentalists out of their motherland and had to face equally hostile and unsympathetic governments after their humiliating exodus. Nothing more than lip service has been rendered to this unfortunate community, whose numbers are dwindling. The community has been forsaken by the political parties of this country because the community is no vote bank. They are out of their homes, their places of pilgrimage and shrines of worship have been burnt, desecrated, destroyed and some have been entirely razed to ground. Join in..

Among other campaigns RIK has been at the forefront of launching a awareness and as well a protest drive against Islamic Terrorists Yasin Malik and Bitta Karate of JKLF terror outfir who have been involved in initiating bloody gun culture in the valley which led to the unfortunate forced exodus of half a million minority Kashmiri Hindus. Join in this initiative here 'Arrest Terrorist Yasin Malik ' -

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