The College was established in the year 1980 and since its inception Prof. Raghunath Pd. Sharma, (Prof. R.P. Sharma) the benevolent founder of this college has been valiantly nurturing this institution with personal care and foresight. Under his imaginative, dynamic and able guidance, the college has made immense progress and at present the Patna Institute of Technology (Now R.P.Sharma Institute of Technology) is considered as a prestigious and reputed Engineering College under the jurisdiction of the Magadh University.

R.P. Sharma Institute of Technology is an important constituent of Patna Educational Development Trust which is the biggest Educational Trust in Bihar, instituted in 1979 and Registered in the year 1980. The Patna Educational Development Trust has been set up by Prof. RP Sharma with the sole and pious goal of promoting the cause of real and meaningful education of the educationally backward State of Bihar. All the under mentioned educational institutions managed by the Patna Educational Development Trust have been functioning with remarkable success. And the credit for their brilliant performance goes directly to the pioneering zeal and enthusiasm of Prof. Raghunath Pd. Sharma, the Founder President of Patna Educational Development Trust.

Year Of Establishment: 1980

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