Redeemer University College Class of 2019

Welcome to the official Redeemer University College Class of 2019 Facebook group! This group is for students who are checking out or applying to Redeemer to start in 2015!

In this group, get to know our recruitment staff, students, campus groups and faculty. This group will also be a great place to keep up to date on due dates and deadlines for applying to Redeemer, and to learn more about Redeemer programs, events and the campus.

Redeemer thanks you in advance for your contributions to the Class of 2019 Facebook group, and for your help in creating a safe and vibrant online community here.

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Redeemer encourages prospective students and Redeemer staff and faculty to engage with the community offered through the Class of 2019 Facebook group. Having said that, Redeemer also reserves the right to ensure that posts made to this site reflect both Redeemer the institution and The Redeemer for whom it is named. Please ensure that posts are free of content that is false, slanderous, cruel, vulgar or in any other way not appropriate to a Christian university community.