Ember Ananda, Women's Sacred Dance Journeys & Events

"The care and passion channeled into the last playlist was so ev...ident. You are already something much deeper than a DJ, like an alchemist of sound, movement, love and healing vibrations! You are so authentic you're beyond any label I can come up with." - Danielle

"How to describe in words my experience! Transcending! The space Ember had created for us to dance with, was warm, inviting, holding and sacred. By the time the music had begun I was ready to let go, release and drop down into myself. My real authentic self, conscious and present self! I celebrated what it was/is to be Goddess. I turned up with no expectation except to celebrate and just allow it to unfold as it should. And what a journey! Not only did I celebrate and feel as if I was making love with life, I also connected to a part of myself that I haven't been in touch with in years, or maybe truly never. To dance so freely was a gift. To journey with the music as it pumped party beats and transitioned into soft healing sounds that allowed me/us to go deeper. The women in the room were f*cking MAGIC. What an honour. A credit to Ember for facilitating such an event which in the end had 30 mostly strangers, dance, love, heal and be free together. The next day and the days following (and now STILL even a week later!) I've felt called to just dance and move. It's sparked a joy and sensuality in me that was long forgotten. Thank you Ember, you are divine, in every sense of the word. A seriously beautiful soul, inside, out and all around. Shining your love and light onto everyone you meet. It was and you are NEXT LEVEL. Recommended this event to anyone, everyone, to ALL!" ~ Kim

"Free to express ourselves authentically, an rhythmically, almost tribal, nurturing our spirit, powerfully feminine and awesomely sexy.... The emotional aspect was transformational in ways I never expected." ~ Kirsty

"Being 6 months pregnant, I was actually surprised by how much my body wanted to move, and where it wanted to take me… in spirals, on the floor, in ecstatic liberation and expression, stripping down to my bra and skirt to cool down. As an entrepreneur I spend a lot o time tapping away at my computer, so this was an awesome way to tap into my own body wisdom and just surrender. Such a treat for me as a facilitator, there are not many opportunities that present locally that speak to me on a deeper level... that make me say YES!"~ Donna Raymond, Wise Wombman, Sacred Feminine Mentor and Educator wwww.DonnaRaymond.com.au facebook.com/WiseWombmanDreaming