sacred geometry

Toward an understanding of the point where the sacred meets the shapely contours of the universe: the ineffable plane of existence where shapes and patterns of everyday nature encompass and transcend the profane world of physical reality. Also a forum to discuss the science of discovering these latent patterns. Stories, art, coincidences, patterns of life and thought that link us all to the world of geometry.

GUIDANCE: Rather than just posting links to interesting content elsewhere on the net, try to provide some insight as to why the information might be interesting for the group, summarise content and give any views you might have. Promote interaction and discussion here in the group. Links are good... but discussion is better. :)

RULES: This is not a place to promote your workshop, wares, cult, or conspiracies. It is a place for learning. For the sharing of ideas, knowledge and wisdom manifest in the primordial patterns of the universe. Please respect the space and each other.

PINTREST: Been working on a #sacredgeometry pintrest board for a while now. Think you all might like it. If anyone wants to help with selection/management - PM me. Thanks.

NOTE: Considering the number of members we have - I do not have much time to moderate, and will simply remove off-topic posts and the authors swiftly. Play nice please.