Sacramento Web Developers Group

The Sacramento Web Developers Group is composed of web professionals who want a place to network and share business and technical knowledge.

Our main areas of focus are:
1. Back-end code (PHP/ASP/Perl, etc.)
2. Front-end code (HTML/CSS /JavaScript)
3. Other aspects of the profession (client skills, business aspects, graphics, user experience, etc.)

For a more comprehensive version of what the group is about, who our members are, and what we talk about, please see our About page.

In the classic spirit of open-source development, all skill-levels are welcome--from beginner to retired professionals. Beginners are encouraged to bring their questions so that experts can hone their skills by teaching. Experts are encouraged to share their knowledge, and anyone with current news, book reviews or little-known techniques is invited to present their information to the group.

The group meets weekly to network and share ideas, information, and knowledge. We also hold larger events and educational classes at various times throughout the year. See the About page for more detailed information on meeting logistics and check our Calendar for information on upcoming events.