Safelist Pirate Mastermind


I'm pulling these values and rules from a well known group that I belong to and saves a lot of time.

1. NO Promotions of any kind! (blog links, site links, etc unless otherwise approved by myself. We want to keep this group clean. Please ask us first)
2. NO JV/Webinar invitations/announces/requests/posts
3. Yes you can ask for "review my site/lander" requests (be specific w/questions) if you want members to view your landing pages up to you.
4. NO "viral videos" or "quotes" please. This group is about Glorious Pirate members and we want to keep this group clean and focused on you.
5. NO Trash Talking! (No posts, Programs...nothing)
6. If you want to connect with others please do so that's what we're about.
7. NO Pea-cocking! (keep your ego in check please)
8. NO PM Spamming other members
9. NO Antagonists or "Haters" allowed
10. NO Post Attention Getters )

NO STEALING! This group stays valuable because everyone gives without hesitation. No one has authorization to re-sell what is shared here. This stuff is for YOU to help YOU and your clients business, but not for you to "resell" or "claim to be your own" please.

Start With Search function, its working pretty good again :)

Here, we are all equals. ANY TRASHING OF OTHERS WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE REMOVAL If you have something special for the group, talk to an admin to get it in the que.